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About Dr. Virginia Young
Dr. Young is called to care for others through the field of dentistry. After experiencing trauma to her mouth with the loss of teeth during a high school field hockey accident, she went through years of repairs and dental visits. She feels blessed to have been provided with incredible dental care by compassionate and talented dentists. This care, her personal experience as a patient, and her passion for serving others drives her to be a dedicated dentist.
About Dr. John Pasicznyk
Helping patients achieve an improved quality of life and greater self-confidence by having a beautiful and healthy smile is what Dr. Pasicznyk enjoys most about being a dentist. He always wants to give our patients the very best, so he implements new technology and makes continuing education a top priority. Our patients truly appreciate his kind and gentle approach to dentistry.

Services & Procedures

Welcome to Spring Grove Dental, our family and general dentistry practice located in Richmond, Indiana. We currently welcome new patients to our dental practice and are honored that you are considering us for your family’s dental needs.

Family Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

We make it easy for your entire family to get the dental care they need to stay healthy. We offer preventive, restorative, surgical, orthodontics, TMJ treatment, and sedation dentistry all under one roof.

This convenience eliminates the need for us to refer you to a specialist for treatment. We treat most conditions right here with the team that you have gotten to know and the dentist you trust.

From your toddler to your great-grandmother, our skills will benefit your family at every life stage.

Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss puts your confidence and your oral health at risk. One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is convenient and long-lasting dental implants. Dental implants give our patients the freedom to eat the foods they love and to smile, laugh, and enjoy life without worry.

We place and restore dental implants here at Spring Grove Dental.

Treatment for Jaw Pain and Headaches

Living with jaw pain can make you feel cranky and exhausted, and it can also limit the foods you eat. We treat TMJ, headaches, and jaw pain with effective methods that quickly provide relief. When your jaw is in its correct position, your muscles begin to relax and you experience relief.

We also treat teeth grinding using comfortable, custom nightguards.

CEREC Same-Day Restorations

We know our patients lead busy lives, but they are also concerned with quality. We have introduced CEREC same-day restorations so you can have dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and even veneers in one visit while you wait. 

CEREC restorations are highly esthetic and durable. Because our dentist oversees the creation of your restoration from start to finish, you can expect great results every time.

Convenient Orthodontic Treatment

Let’s face it, braces aren’t for everyone. Instead of traditional metal brackets and wires, we offer convenient orthodontic treatment options called Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

Six Month Smiles addresses the appearance of your teeth, giving you a straighter smile in about six months using clear brackets and memory wire.

Invisalign uses clear aligner trays, providing discreet orthodontic treatment for our teen and adult patients. Treatment times are similar to those of traditional orthodontics, but the clear aligners are virtually invisible and don't change your appearance.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Spring Grove Dental and providing you with the outstanding dental care that you and your family deserve.