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About Dr. Virginia Young
Dr. Young is called to care for others through the field of dentistry. After experiencing trauma to her mouth with the loss of teeth during a high school field hockey accident, she went through years of repairs and dental visits. She feels blessed to have been provided with incredible dental care by compassionate and talented dentists. This care, her personal experience as a patient, and her passion for serving others drives her to be a dedicated dentist.
About Dr. John Pasicznyk
Helping patients achieve an improved quality of life and greater self-confidence by having a beautiful and healthy smile is what Dr. Pasicznyk enjoys most about being a dentist. He always wants to give our patients the very best, so he implements new technology and makes continuing education a top priority. Our patients truly appreciate his kind and gentle approach to dentistry.

What are the benefits of same-day CEREC crowns?

If you have ever needed a dental crown, you know that at most dental offices, it can be quite a lengthy process. They need to x-ray and plan your crown, prep your tooth, and then create a temporary crown to hold you over until your final restoration comes back from the dental lab.

That seems like a lot of steps!

At Spring Grove Dental, we create dental restorations in our office while you wait using CEREC technology. CEREC technology is a high-tech combination of 3-D digital scans, sophisticated software, and our in-office restoration milling machine. Our dentists oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring you receive great results every time.

We eliminate the need for a dental lab to create your dental crown and that can mean extra savings for you.

You never have to compromise on quality. Since our experienced dentist directs the creation of your dental crown from start to finish, you receive a highly esthetic restoration that is durable and long lasting.

We believe that dentistry should be convenient. One way we do that is by eliminating the extra appointment needed with traditional dental crowns. Give us a call to learn more about high-quality CEREC crowns!