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About Dr. Virginia Young
Dr. Young is called to care for others through the field of dentistry. After experiencing trauma to her mouth with the loss of teeth during a high school field hockey accident, she went through years of repairs and dental visits. She feels blessed to have been provided with incredible dental care by compassionate and talented dentists. This care, her personal experience as a patient, and her passion for serving others drives her to be a dedicated dentist.
About Dr. John Pasicznyk
Helping patients achieve an improved quality of life and greater self-confidence by having a beautiful and healthy smile is what Dr. Pasicznyk enjoys most about being a dentist. He always wants to give our patients the very best, so he implements new technology and makes continuing education a top priority. Our patients truly appreciate his kind and gentle approach to dentistry.

Why do I have jaw pain and headaches?

If you have jaw pain, you are not alone. Millions of Americans experience symptoms related to their jaws at some point during their lives. In many cases, patients don’t know where to turn. We can help!

Jaw pain, headaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, and even ringing in the ears can all indicate a problem with your jaw or bite. In some cases, we can trace the cause to bruxism, a clenching and grinding habit. In other cases, it might be misalignment of your bite or teeth.

No matter the cause, we provide solutions!

Oftentimes, jaw pain causes muscle inflammation, which then causes more jaw pain. We create custom occlusal splints to help your jaw joints seat properly and encourage your muscles to relax. These splints are not your average nightguard. We design them to encourage your jaw to gently glide into its most comfortable and ideal position.

Regular adjustments to your splint will keep your jaw feeling comfortable. It will also provide a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, preventing fractures and the wear that are common with a bruxism habit.

Jaw pain can affect every aspect of your life and make it difficult to relax, sleep, or even eat properly. You don’t have to live with jaw pain. Call us today!

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