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Can I use dental implants to replace my missing tooth?

When patients have missing teeth, dental implants are one of the first things they ask about!

Chances are you have heard about the many health benefits of dental implants. If you are facing a dental extraction, you might be wondering if they are right for you.

To determine the best way to replace your missing teeth, we recommend you come to our office for a dental implant exam. This provides an opportunity to evaluate the health and density of your bone and determine if you are healthy enough for dental implants.

We use 3-D cone beam technology to get a clear picture of your bone and to plan the best location for your dental implant. 3-D imaging allows us to accurately plan and predict the outcome of your surgery.

Dental implants require a few different phases to complete treatment. Don’t worry the results are well worth it!

  • Planning
  • Surgery
  • Healing
  • Restoration

Once your dental implant is complete, you can enjoy an unrestricted diet and the convenience that dental implants provide. You can care for single dental implants very much like a natural tooth – brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. With the proper care, your dental implant will provide confidence and stability when it comes to your smile.

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