3-D Cone Beam X-Rays

When planning any type of dental treatment involving bone, a clear image of your biological structures allows us to plan treatment more effectively. This provides greater comfort and improved results.

Regular 2-D images of your teeth and bone only tell us part of the story. That is why we have introduced 3-D cone beam technology at our Richmond, IN dental office.

3-D cone beam technology involves taking hundreds of images and overlaying them using our software, providing us with a complete view of your teeth, jaw, and joints.

3-D Cone Beam Technology and Dental Implants

When planning dental implant surgery, location is essential!

Finding the best location to place your dental implant can dramatically improve the longevity and results of your surgery. Using 3-D imaging, we can often avoid additional treatments such as bone grafting and sinus lifts.

The high-resolution images created by 3-D cone beam technology allow us to completely plan your surgery before we even begin. A 3-D view of your bone allows us to identify the densest part of your bone for surgery and provides great results.

3-D Cone Beam Technology and TMJ Treatment

When you suffer from jaw pain, or TMJ pain, determining the cause can affect the line of treatment we recommend. Jaw joint dysfunction is often characterized by painful joints or muscles and clicking or popping jaw joints, but it can also manifest in the form of teeth sensitivity and headaches. Everyone is different!

With 3-D cone beam technology, we are able to clearly identify the relationship between your upper and lower teeth and your upper and lower jaw. We can also accurately view your jaw joint relationship and health. We can track your jaw using our 3-D technology to get a more accurate view of your jaw joint function.

We offer several forms of treatment to provide relief:

  • Splint therapy (nightguards)
  • Equilibriation (bite correction)
  • Orthodontics (alignment correction)

Without treatment for TMJ pain, your jaw joints can deteriorate over time and require more invasive treatment in the future. Our dentist is knowledgeable when it comes to 3-D imaging and the relationship your of your jaw to your overall oral health.

Teeth Extractions

If you have impacted teeth, a 3-D image allows us to plan your surgery more effectively. We can see how your teeth are rooted in your bone and if any obstacles such as adjacent roots or nerves are present.

Your Safety Is Important

At Spring Grove Dental, we use only 100 percent digital x-rays. Not only does this allow us to capture the highest resolution images possible, but it also reduces radiation emission by up to 90 percent over traditional film x-rays.

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If you would like dental implants, require an extraction, or suffer from jaw problems, 3-D cone beam imaging can make your treatment more successful and comfortable. Gathering this valuable information before treatment allows us to provide you with outstanding results and eliminates the guesswork.