Root Canal Treatment

When we recommend a root canal, we know it’s usually not what you want to hear and we completely understand.

Root canals are actually not as painful as you might think. In most cases, they will feel no different than a common filling. Plus, they relieve the pain of an active infection inside your tooth.

When Root Canal Therapy Becomes Necessary

The need for a root canal typically arises because of a few reasons:

  • Deep decay
  • Trauma
  • Periodontal disease
  • Internal infection
  • Teeth grinding

A root canal is often the last effort to save your tooth from an extraction. Saving your natural teeth is important to your oral health and is often the most cost-effective way to protect your smile.

Generally, the first sign of infection is pain and sensitivity to hot foods and liquids. You may also feel pressure when you chew or even notice facial swelling.

Calling us right away for an exam and diagnosis is the best approach if you experience any symptoms.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

We will always make your comfort a priority and ensure that your tooth is completely numb for your treatment. We will create a tiny access to your tooth to clean out the infection and diseased tissue from the affected canal. Our dentist will then place medication in the canal in order to assist with healing. 

We will fill your root canal with an inert substance to prevent contamination from bacteria and then seal it with a temporary filling, giving your body time to heal. We will generally schedule a follow-up appointment to check healing after a couple of weeks.

After Your Root Canal Treatment

In most cases, the root canals we perform in our Richmond, IN dental office are very successful and prolong the life of treated teeth. A possible side effect of root canal therapy, however, is that your tooth can become brittle, requiring a permanent restoration to protect it.

In most cases, we recommend a dental crown because it will provide the best protection for your root canal treated tooth and absorb some of the force from chewing. Our custom dental crowns match the appearance of your existing teeth, retaining the appearance of your smile.

Root canal therapy combined with the proper dental restoration can give your tooth a second chance! By investing in your tooth, you can avoid the long-term consequences that arise from tooth loss.

Contact Us to Schedule a Dental Exam

If you are experiencing tooth pain or a dental emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to helping you keep your smile looking and feeling its best.